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Originally Posted by Partisan du CH View Post
It's your opinion. Maybe you haven't been reading this board for long enough to see it. I've been reading this for many years now, even if I don't participate much. French players are getting bashed much more than any others = FACT.

Take 2 players as an example : Kostopoulos and Latendresse. Latendresse has much more talent and potential. Kosto will be a 4th liner for all his carreer. But how many threads have we seen last year from fans wanting Tender to be sent in the minors?? There was so many that it was a running joke. How many similar threads about Kostopoulos? Well, I just can't remember any...
I call bs

I m not French canadian but I m much more of a franco than an anglo if you wanna categorise me........

Kostopoulos has a defined role, and he does his role perfectly. That s why he isnt bached. If Lats has half of the work ethic of TomK, he wouldnt be bashed either, if you can honnestly tell me that Lats was better than TommyK especially during the PO, then theres no need to continue that discussion further. Lats does have more potential, that I agree with you, and I ve always been defending Lats, however Lats is still progreesing, and is still far away from TommyK, even as a 4th liner. Maybe with more speed things will be different but as far as last season goes, Tommy was more useful than Lats.

Back to Bouillon

Bouillon s problem has always been reach, and size, if this guy was 6"2 he d be praised a lot more....He doesnt have much of a shot either and not much offensive upside, especially in the offensive zone, he does however carry the puck to the O zone pretty nicely. But he does pretty much everything else pretty decently. I dont care about his salary. To me he earned it, maybe a few 100 000 extra, but I wont complain for that. As it was mentionned previously, El dandys contract doesnt help him either.

Personally I d love to keep him for this year, he ll have the chance to play 5-6thD minutes and earn a new contract, that I hope wont be with us unless it s as a 7th D, and I do think he s worth more than that.
The reaon why i dont want to keep him after next year, is 1 , I belive he ll ask for too much if he has a good year with Gorges, 2 , apparently we have a bigger version of the Tank, but we ll see about that this year, and mostly to make room for the new comers next year, including hopefully Carle or one of Korneev or Emelin.
So it s not about his ethinicity at all, just for imo, the good of the Habs.

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