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Originally Posted by Partisan du CH View Post
I agree with you about Dandenault... But that's all.

How many threads have we seen last year about fans wanting Tender to be sent back in the minors?

How many about wanting Bouillon and Bégin to leave the team?

How many about Brisebois sucking and being booed?? There was even a poll here after Gainey signed Brisebois last year, asking if we should boo him or not. And the majority were in favor of booing him, even before he could play his first game... I found it so totally disgusting....

I still believe it's not the majority who thinks this way, but I would feel a little better if sometimes I could see some fans among you who could also speak against French bashing...
Expectations are heavier on French players in Montreal. And I think that has scared some French players away.

Brisebois didn't deserve to be booed all those years. They asked him to fill a big role as a #1 and paid him for it. Not his fault that he had ZERO help. So he took all the blame. The problem was he started to "act tough" when everyone knew that wasn't his game. He tried to do too much to make the fans like him.

Bouillon hasn't had a player who could complement what he does on the third pairing, namely a guy with size. So he takes the blame when the guy isn't cleared out front of the net. I think he'll be healthier this year than last though, so he should be back to normal.

I love Begin, but he did make a big mistake in the playoffs. I still love him. He's a great guy to have for our fourth line. I hope he can stay healthy.

I think it's just circumstance, but the fans also expect more from French players.

Tanguay might be ok because he should put up some points with our lineup. But if it was a couple years ago, he probably would have struggled and would have been booed.

But this team has been pushed around for a long time and the tendency is to blame the Europeans and French skill players. It's not the players, it's the GM who is putting the team together. If the players don't have the right support, they will fail.

But Gainey had a long-term plan and we're starting to see it come together. Winning takes care of a lot of things.

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