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Originally Posted by MontrealHabitant View Post
Evolution has to be done when the youth is ready, in this case none of them are ready or good enough to help us be a contender this year, so why are we having this discussion ?
Well if you actually took the time to read my posts on the subject in this very thread, I mentioned that I was talking about next summer, we will ahve to let Bouillon go.

Originally Posted by Partisan du CH View Post
The Red Wings would disagree with you...

They won the cup with Drake, Chelios, Maltby, Draper, Osgood and McCarthy, right?

At 32, Bouillon is far from being old anyway...
Yet you haven't mentioned one 3rd pairing dman. And your argument is ridiculous as the Habs do have Koivu, Kovalev, Hamrlik, Laraque, Markov, Bégin...

The point is not because it is Bouillon, it's because of his role, the salary and timing. Next summer we will have Valentenko and Carle who will quite probably be ready and they need to be put on the lower pairings. We have to make sacrifices somewhere, and I'm sure the Habs won't touch Hammer and Markov as they both have experience and have a bigger impact. They won't let go Komi as he's reaching his prime and is more important to the team. Gorges and Oburn are both young and don't cost much. Who remains? Next year, I don't expect Breezer to be back either, I don't mind if he's here this year as we need him and do have the space to take him. But next year will be a very different story unless Valentenko and Carle don't improve, which is unlikely from what they've already shown.

Also we have Kovalev, Koivu, Tanguay, Plekanec, Komisarek, Latendresse, Higgins, Kostopoulos, Bégin, Bouillon and Dandy to resign next summer, so we need to make cap room especially if we sign Sundin. Our next batch of young players will rather be defensemen than forwards, hence we need to make place on the bottom pairing. Do you know what pragmatism is? If we don't sign Sundin, then maybe there will space to sign Bouillon back, along with Bégin, but that will impeed on the young players who have to break out and start playing in this league, because afterwards, there will be another batch of young dmen coming and keeping the present batch from playing next year will make the process even more difficult as you have to keep a balance between youth and veterans. How do you think the Wings managed to build from the inside?? By strategically replacing the less important veterants by their young players. Your argument is absolutely ridiculous as it implies that by letting go Bouillon, we will be forfitting all the veterans we have.

Anyway, I don't expect you to have much logic with the type of comment you first made on this thread.

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