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Originally Posted by Ohashi_Jouzu View Post
Voted White (again), but I hear the Korneev camp. However, has anyone seen him play north american style hockey? Thought not. No doubt he's good, but I haven't seen enough of him to rank him higher than White. Pam, darlin', saying he would be a top 3 d man on our team is a little ridiculous. I've only seen him in the international play (I trust it's the same for you), and while he looked good, I hesitate to raise him to such lofty level before seeing how he deals with NHL talent everyday. Something Markov, Komi, and Hammer have shown day in and day out for a few years now.

And the D'Ago thing is just plain flabbergasting. Seriously, better than AND higher potential than half the players in that list? Don't think so, but that's just an opinion. I think we would have seen more of him by now if that was the case.
I've been watching D'Ago since Junior with the Storm. When a player comes out of their system and displays good offensive flair it is usually due to innate talent since the team stresses more of a defensive style game.

In camp last year he clicked pretty well with Sergei K. I thought both kids were on an equal footing. Sergei actually went back to Hamilton and showed a better balanced game and got the call up. When he showed his stuff how could you send him back

Let's face it. It is really hard to "see more" of any of the young players. Now that they are clearing the decks a bit by moving Grabo it will open up slightly. Even so breaking in is going to be tough. What I saw of him in Hamilton makes me think D'Ago is a legit prospect.

Until they get their shot it will be hard to argue any selection for best prospect. It is even tougher for some of our "prospects" who are Russian no shows or "never seens".

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