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07-10-2008, 10:40 AM
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Originally Posted by 39ontheline View Post
I also think the panthers have lead the league in excuses for not making the playoffs the last 8 seasons.
I'm not part of the team, and the man-games lost are a good excuse, when coupled with the early bad management decisions that destroyed what little organizational depth the team ever bothered to build.

You think the team we had last year was a playoff team with 6 regulars missing from the roster at one point, and several regulars gone for the entire season, and with the team's minor league callups being just that - minor leaguers who got called up to fill big league slots? I mean, especially when the team captain and leading scorer basically quit on the team from February on.

Your expectations are too high - you can hold Cohen's feet to the fire over the results the past couple of seasons...even Keenan - probably not Dudley so much since he never got a chance to have his own plan in place. You can even blame Huizenga for putting out the edict to Bryan Murray and his successors that payroll had to be brought down to a minimal amount while he tried to sell the team, a process that took over 4 years if I recall. But then changed tack and said go ahead and get the big marquis star to try to attract interest...but then went back again and said get rid of all the other better players on the team in order to trim payroll again for a sale.

This team got screwed big time by previous ownership, and it only was exacerbated by Cohen's overconfidence that he could learn how to run a pro-sports franchise hands-on. But as long as he's gone to hands-off mode and allows the team to spend the money needed to win (which is still in question) then - if fans have a little more patience left in their pinky toes - this team will be able to turn around and become a perennial playoff contender at the least.

"...and ultimately it doesn't matter."
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