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07-10-2008, 10:13 AM
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Location: Land of no calls..
Country: United States
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vCash: 500
Name: Jake
Age: 25
Sex: Male
Marital Status: Dating the same girl for 3 years
Birthplace: Manhattan
Hometown: East Hampton, Long Island
Currently Located: Pittsburgh, PA (kill me)
Occupation: Creative Director
Transportation: Jetta thats falling apart, or the Trolley to work.
Other Favorite Teams: Giants, Yankees, Manchester United
Team Disliked The Most: Islanders, Devils, Pens, Patriots, Red Sox, Steelers, Flyers
Favorite Rangers (Past): Richter, Leetch, Graves, Mess, etc..
Favorite Rangers (Present): Just about everyone other than Hollweg.
Other Favorite Players: Ovechkin, Kovalchuk, Iginla
Disliked Most in a Ranger Jersey: Holik I suppose
College Attended: Art Institute of Pittsburgh (B.S. Interactive Media Design / A.S. Graphic Design)
College Attending: Duquesne University (M.S Media Arts and Technology) I keep putting this off though..
Favorite Songs: No real favorites to speak of..
Favorite Bands: Less Than Jake, Alkaline Trio, Pink Floyd, The Beatles.. little bit of everything.
Favorite Movies: Office Space, Iron Man and just about anything with Ed Norton or John Cusack.
Favorite Food: Grilled Tuna, Clams, anything Mexican and most of the stuff my girlfriend makes. A word of advice.. if you're in college and are hungry, go look for girls (or guys) in the Culinary Dept. if your campus has one. Best decision I ever made.
Favorite Drink: Newcastle or Iced Tea
Favorite TV Show: Top Gear, Survivor Man, Man vs Wild, Family Guy, Scrubs, House, How I Met Your Mother.. yeah yeah, I know.
How Did You Get Here: Was lookin for a place to talk about the Rangers after I moved to Pittsburgh for school. Lurked for about 2 years before I started posting.

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