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07-10-2008, 10:26 AM
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Originally Posted by NY Ranger86 View Post
he didnt want the captain position because he was new to the team. and thats understandable...he wanted to earn it, not just have it given to him because hes "Jagr". But him not missing ONE regular season game in 3 years for us means nothing. Or him taking the heat any time we lose cause we EXPECTED him to score every chance he had. He took on A LOT, and handled it greatly. Perfect? no. but who is. Jags is the F'in man and anyone who thinks otherwise doesnt appreciate hockey. let alone being blessed with watching a hockey GREAT.
But he wanted the highest contract on the team because he's "Jagr" and thats how he measures respect. Sure, was there for every game, but did he really show up for every game? Not a chance in hell.

He caught hell if we lost because he was the superstar. That kind of crap comes with the territory, don't give me this "Oh but he took so much ****" nonsense. If he wanted to be considered the best player on the team, people were going to expect a lot out of him. That's the way it works.

Hall of Fame talent? Yes. Fun to watch on most nights? Sure. But because I don't think Jagr is the 'F'in man," I don't appreciate hockey. Thanks for clearing that up.

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