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The Irony of the Rangers vs Devils offseason directions...

Now that most of the dust has settled from the UFA signing Frenzy I just was thinking just how ironic it is to see the Rangers and Devils choosing such different paths with their recent management decisions.

Decisions that left us with the youngest team in the division as well as the entire eastern conference if I read it correctly at just over 27yrs old where as the Devils are over 3 yrs older on average at over 30+yrs average age.

What we are seeing it almost a total role reversal of the late '90's--early'00's as far as personel decisions and overall philosophy.

While we have seen Slats take tremendous risk of icing possibly a less effective team in the shorterm he is doing the whole big picture thing that has it's eye on icing a team that will be better off longterm of icing a topend team that can compete yr in and yr out.

Jagr is still an elite player as shown by him being the best player hands down for the first 2 rds, especially when he owned Brodeur and the Devils who simply had no answer for him.

But now that it is coming out that he wanted 3 yrs from the Rangers it certainly makes it easier to understand that the Rangers wanted to move on because a commitment to Jagr has the well known ripple-effects on the makeup of personel on the rest of the team as well as dictating style to a degree.

Same goes with Avery who was no doubt a asset and catalyst for the NYR's but Slats absolutely made the right move in not hadcuffing himself with a 4 yr deal at 15.5 million that included a NMC clause.

Same for Shanny.

And the same for not giving Nylander 5 million per until he's almost 40 was the right move last yr.

All moves that may and probrably will hurt shorterm but in the longrun all moves that are much more bigpicture oriented and took balls to follow through with.

Slats has done a great job since the lockout of stocking the prospect pool with tremendous depth and top prospects at each position with character being at the forefront when making the selections of youngsters.

We've brought along kids each and every yr and this process will be implemented with even greater regularity and success then the last 3 yrs and that is a great thing.

All of the signings we've made are commitments to guys in their PRIME yrs such as Gomez last yr at 27, Drury at 30, Lundquist at 25, Redden at 31.

For all the attempted mocking from Devil fans about these deals each one of them will be done with their 5-6-7 yr deals with them being younger then what Rolston is prior to even STARTING his 4 yr deal with the exception of Redden.(but more on this later)

These 4 help for the core and in that care we have a franchise goalie who has not even entered his prime, a top playmaking/puckcarrying center who makes his wingers better, a top 2 way center who oouzes leadership as well as clutch play in the most critical of moments and lastly a guy who along with Staal forms a legit top pairing that brings a great blend of everything inculding puckmovement for yrs to come.

Rounding out the lineup are character young players who bring great value with the likes of goalscorers like Dawes/Prucha, energy-2 way guys in Dubinsky-Callahan-Fritche-Sjostrom and a 10g-30pt 2 way 24 yrd old dman in Girardi.

On top of those youngsters we have one of the best prospect pools that Slats has done a great job of holding onto and letting develop as opposed to going for any tempting quick fixes.

Now for the UFA's-

Naslund was a great signing when all factors are considered.

2 yrs-8 million for a creative, fast, skilled player who obviously brings leadership having been a multi-yr captain of his team who still put up 25 goals and 60 pts on the most conservative system team in the west after having 3 or 4 yrs in a row of 40+goals and 80+pts and who has been a 3 time all NHL First team who plays either wing.

Redden was the 2nd most coveted dman available and is a 31 yr old puckmover who has logged tons of minutes and gained loads of experience with plenty of playoff games over the yrs.

He is a legit first pair dman who along with Staal with makeup a top end 1st unit.

What's funny is seeing all the Devil fans call for this guy and a bunch actually have him in their avatars and beg for Lou to sign him (as if Lou can convince any top UFA's to come)but once he signs with us he suddenly sucks and it was a bad deal!

Too funny to see them admit they wanted them "but only for 2 or 3 yrs at 4 million per"!!! as if they seriously thought that was what his market worth was or to make it seem like drastic overpayment.

Same with Roszival, probrably the 3rd most sought after UFA dman this summer who once again chose the Rangers over all the other suitors.

4yrs at 5 million per for a guy who puts up 10+goals and 40 pts and is 29yrs old is a solid signing over the life of the deal.

The Zherdev deal was an unbelievable deal and if Lou's koolaid drinkers saw him pull off a deal to land a 23 yr old who has this kids skills and potential they'd be bowing down before him even more so then they patheticly do now.

The kid has all-world skill and talent and is under contract for 2.5 million.

And the Mara signing as our 5th dman just goes to show that the Rangers, unlike the Devils is amoung the top 2 or 3 destinations for UFA's who will take much less favorable terms to sign on.

1 yr at 1.9 for a 28 yr old Mara as opposed to the hilarious 2.9 per for FOUR YEARS for a 32 yr old Salvador!!!

Great job Lou!

As for the Rolston signing, I like the guy and he is a good 2nd tier player who is well rounded but 5 million per until he's 40?!?!?

If the Rangers had done this you wouldn't hear the end of it from Devil fans but since they were forced to overpay bigtime in lenght in order to entice Rolston all is well.

In fact you guys were tripping over yourselves to get in line to kiss Lou's ring offering homage!

This was the same exact deal the Caps had to offer to get Nylander to come because they knew they had no choice but to overpay because neither place is a destination of choice amoung UFA's with NJ being listed as the 2nd least likely place a NHL would like to sign in a poll of 300 NHL players, no small sample size by any stretch!

Again 5 million per for 4 yrs for a guy who will be closing in on FORTY by the end of the deal!

And you guys have the balls to try and rip the Naslund signing for 2 yrs and 1 million per less while he is even a yr younger?!?!?!

And for a fanbase that bashes us for holding onto Cup winning players too long or bringing them back for encore how about Lou bringing back Holik, the almost 38 yr old who you guys vowed would never be invited back into the Devil "family" by Lou?

You know who signs players who are closer to 40 as opposed to 30...teams that can't entice players at or near their primes and that is also why Lou was kicking the tires on an ancient Sergei Federov...but at least you got the younger Fed-Fed to buck the trend you were on!

And while you guys are overjoyed with these "vast" improvements that the mightly Lou was able to pull off you are forgetting 2're pretty much capped out and don't have anything close to a #1 and for that matter #2 center on the squad and your top 6 or 8 as Lou likes to carry is just as pathetic as ever as you'll see the great Mike Motteau and Brookbank taking regular shifts!

For that I as a NYR fan would like to thank Lou!

And back to the Devs going with the former NYR style of mangement, there's nothing like putting together a roster and trying to back square pegs into round holes as in having to resort to shifting wingers to play out of place as 1st line centers!

At least there is the 2nd or 3rd worst prospect pool in the entire NHL to fall back on if things don't work out!

And for those who haven't done so yet if you need a laugh just go and read most of the NJD regulars try and bash all the NYR prospects as being so overhyped and busts.

None are more amusing then Muttley who regularly gives us such gems just like the other day's "Marc Staal is simply a young Colin White" or Fortheloveof666 telling us that Staal "doesn't have a schred of the talent his brothers have".

But Muttley really takes the cake as he is so blinded by hatred that even his fellow Devil posters rip him and he has zero credibility as one of the reasons he knows Marc Staal suchs was from all those times he's "seen him on TV when he played in Hartford"!

When called on the fact that Staal plaed like 15 games in Hartford which maybe 1 was televised of course he backpeddled bigtime.

And at the end of all this these guys are still crowing about how Ranger managements has lost their minds but yet Lou had such a great summer that he has redeemed himself from being hands down one of the worst 5 GM's since the lockout ended!

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