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07-10-2008, 03:22 PM
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Originally Posted by Rags225 View Post
no i'm just telling it like it is. If a player never makes an all-star team, nor breaks 70 pts in a season he is by no means an all-star let alone spectacular. he is a good sound player but that's it.

now if you are going by his paycheck than yes that is spectacular (for him).

I mean Alexei Yashin put up better #'s than both of them. Better #'s than drury when he was w/ the piles. Would you consider him spectacular?

I like your optimisim but you are trying to tell me a pond is the same as an ocean.
Are you seriously comparing Yashin and Drury?

Yashin almost barely ever showed up in the postseason, was pretty poor defensively, was a lousy captain, and was overall considered lazy. If he did all of those things then yes, I would consider him spectacular.

You don't need a team of All-stars to go far in the playoffs. Do you suppose we just give up and tank for Tavares or something?

I'm just complimenting two players that I think are both great. I don't see what your problem is

Originally Posted by Rags225 View Post
I love the optimism and I hope to god you are right, but i dont think he will get over 60 maybe 65 tops. His problem is that he never really puts up alot of assists. he has to learn (if he can) to pass the puck and set up people better.
If you look at Drury's career numbers he's always had noticeably more assists than goals. He's not as bad a playmaker as you make him out to be. He does need decent line mates to excel offensively though

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