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06-09-2004, 11:54 AM
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Originally Posted by Vlad The Impaler
BES, this is very interesting stuff, but I'm curious: where was the break down? I mean, I think their very first draft they were going first and drafted Roman Hamrlik 1st overall. Why isn't he included? Is there a reason or is it just a mistake?

I would also qualify Svitov (5th overall) as a highly drafted player.

Other guys you did not include like Weimer (8th overall), Daymond Langkow (5th overall again certainly qualifies as a highly drafted player), Paul Mara (7th overall) and probably a few others.

They drafted top 10 an awful lot of times. I wouldn't remember the exact circumstances they parted with those guys so I do not know how each of them figures out in your analysis.

Note also that in the category "traded draft picks", I can think of at least one huge omission: in 1999 they traded the 4th overall, I believe. Or at least it was a top 4 pick.

Very interesting stuff but got me intrigued and now I am wondering how all the other assets figure out in the equation
Paul Mara is on that list, and the trading of their first-round pick in 1999 didn't contribute any roster players to the current championship, so it wasn't for the others, I only went "one trade deep" when finding out how each player on the current roster got there - for instance, Daymond Langkow was traded for Chris Gratton and Mike Sillinger. Sillinger was subsequently traded for Ryan Johnson and Dwayne Hay. Ryan Johnson was traded for Vaclav Prospal, who left for nothing. Dwayne Hay left the organization, and Chris Gratton was traded for a package, whose only remaining player is Cory Sarich. Thus, Gratton is the only player there because if you go "one trade deep" you see he obtained Cory Sarich.

I made this thread more to track how Tampa Bay was turned from a joke of a franchise in 99/00 to the finely-tuned machine they are today, not chart how they went from expansion -> championship. That'd be a lot harder, and yes, would look a lot less impressive than this list. You're welcome to do it

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