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06-09-2004, 12:07 PM
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Originally Posted by True Blue
There are 2 problems with your thinking. First of all, Prucha has yet to play a game in North America, so isn't it just a little early to hand out a spot on the top line to him yet? Now, let's take this a step further. Let's say we just hand over a 1st line spot to Prucha. What happens if Prucha is a bust (a possibility since the kid is tiny and has yet to step onto the ice at even an AHL level, let alone an NHL level)? Now what? Now you have even more holes in your lineup.
You need to sign a few vets, but you just cannot hand them over spots. If the yutes perform better than the vets in camp, that's one thing. Then they should be given every opportunity to play the top lines, as we ARE supposed to be rebuilding. However, if said yutes show that they are not ready, then someone like Rucinsky would be a perfect linemate to a Jagr and give us a semblence of a top line (at least enough to get the other teams attention).
The term "holes" is relative. First off you have to determine what the motivation is next season...are you looking to win the cup, make the playoffs, be competitive, or develop for the future...figure that out and then you can decide who you give spots out to.

Obviously if it's winning the cup, then you're going to have to overhaul the agents galore. If it's to make the playoffs, then again you're going to have to probably add a number of free agents to "protect" against a possible failure of a younger players.

If it's to be competitive or develop for the future then what does it matter? Go where the potential is and try playing some of these young guys in and then add players who are going to help make those younger players successful.

For instance, Jagr might actually be able to help ease the way not from his teaching ability but from his build up confidence for a guy like Prucha.

But if you're taking the latter route you also have to be patient, much more so than what the Rangers have been in the past. A single game, nor month nor even season makes or breaks a player...

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