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07-10-2008, 06:53 PM
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Hank Summer Interview

Swedish main daily DN had an interview with Our Lord Saviour today.

I can't be arsed to translate the entire interview, mainly because it's one of the worst that I've read (either it's the reporter is really bad or Hank was drunk, neither unlikely given the circumstances).

But here's the highlites of the interview (selected by me).
Not long ago he signed a 6 year contract with NYR that made him economically independant. Money that he has started to invest.

- I've bought some real estate and apartments. One in Florida and one in New York of course. The economy is settled now, no discussion about that. You'll have to try and invest wisely, live good and continue to buy more real estate.

- That will have to be my next buy (laughs).

Any plans of using your name in business in the future?
- That's big business in USA of course. I've got some proposals already, not that big but anyway. We'll see, but I better cool it down before I think that I'm Björn Borg.

You're called King Henrik and you hang out with royalties nowadays. What's your relation to Princess Madeleine?
- We've got common friends in New York and they introduced us. Regarding that nick-name it was coined by New York Post after I had a good season and the only think I can say is that I don't have anything against it.

You like fashion?
- I like to dress nice, but you can't compare me to Freddie Ljungberg. But sure, I like to shop.

Now you're established in the NHL, how much politics was it before you got your break
- It's politics in NHL in that players with big contracts and players that you have to play. I was lucky because the competition wasn't that hard when I got over. You don't get many chances when you're a 7:th pick on an NHL team. You have to be 100% ready when you get there, or it'll end bad.

Who supported you?
- Darius Kasparaitis helped me a lot. But he had a Swedish wife then, now he's got another Swedish girl (laughs).

The Diva, Jaromir Jagr has left the Rangers for Russia, what do you say about that?
- Jagr is basicly a very nice person, a bit quiet when it comes to new people on the team maybe. But he puts enormous pressure on him self and on his environment.

Did he chew you down?
- I made a big mistake and we lost that game. Then he was seriously miffed with me, but so was Nylander. Just stuff you have to live with.

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