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06-09-2004, 12:13 PM
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Will they win it again next year...or should I say in the next hockey season (whenever that is)?

Short answer.....anythings possible.

Longer answer. They have a good young team, assuming that it will be kept together. I don't know Tampas payroll situation, but I think that their payroll is not outrageous by any means, so they should be good to go, even if a cap is put in place.....but on the other hand there are other good teams out there.

The playoffs are a grueling marathon, not a sprint, and besides having a good team, other factors come into play....injuries....luck, which a playoff contender has no real control over. Some people may say that the Bolts had an easier road to the finals than Calgary did. On paper Calgary may have played the tougher teams, but a team can only play the opponents that are put in front of them.

In the end there are too many variables to accurately predict whether or not a team will repeat. The dynasty days are long gone.....but it is entirely possible that the Bolts could win again....or then again they could get knocked out in the 1st round........kind of like a certain team that I support

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