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Originally Posted by hdw View Post
My bad (and the lousy reporter), not Hank.

What he says is that _he_ is economically independant.

He doesn't even hint at the US economy being settled.

I agree on every point.

But what ever you do, don't mention gas prices.

They're about 8 USD/gallon over here

If the time for alternate sources of energy wasn't now, then when?

This guy in France i believe, invented a motor that runs on pure compressed air, fed by compressed air tanks made of carbon fiber (hockey sticks, skates), and can be refilled by a generator that runs on... you guessed it, compressed air. And here is the catch, it emits nothing but clean, pure, COLD air.

They have developed cars already, nothing in mass market though.

They get very good millage per tank, too.

I'll try to find a youtube video.

Oh yea, and they're cheaper then current vehicles.

Youtube video:

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