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07-10-2008, 09:26 PM
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Originally Posted by jcpenny View Post
Just watch the last game against Philly and look who creates the unforced turnover that will lead to the clinching series goal. Its Bouillon and he does it often. You can choose to overlook it because you love him but thats your choice. You can also put that phil kessel embarassment against Boston in the bank.

Bouillon is not that good, im sorry but im not buying it when people tell me that hes a top 4 guy. We let Robidas and Beauchemin go because people keep overrating his value to the team. Hes a number 6-7th defensman and if hes in your top 4 then you have problems.

Bouillon brings experience, heart, hustle guts, courage and passion to this team and i love him for that but he lacks in size and talent and he should be, like ive said, a 6th-7th guy.
I've been following this conversation, and I have to agree with you. I like Bouillon for all the things he does bring. But to consider him a top 4 d-man is ridiculous. People have brought up that he doesn't give up the blueline easily. That's important, and that's fine. Bouillon is good at the parts of the game requiring skating.

But when it comes to the defensive zone, I don't have much confidence in him. Statistically he looks solid, but he was sheltered on the 3 pairing all year. He's a strong bugger, but lacks the leverage to really handle the front of the net. And I have seen some lackluster breakout passes, turnovers, and ill-advised dump out attempts at times as well.

Couple that with that fact that he's expensive and on the decline (many would probably argue this point, but to me he isn't as fast, nor physical, as a couple of seasons ago), and well, I see a much brighter future approaching him in the rearview mirror.

Experienced vets who are hard workers are valuable on any team. But it is time to realize that his role is a 6th/7th defenseman, and if we're looking at keeping Brisebois for that same position, well, the writing may be on the wall for Cube.

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