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07-10-2008, 10:59 PM
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Originally Posted by Stranger View Post
And what does that have to do with anything that I've said, since you were quoting me?

I stated that it was wrong for you to say that Radulov's first english word was money (as that is a reference to the greedy Russian stereotype), not that there are not any players who sign lesser contracts to stay on winning teams.
How could I have been referring to a "greedy Russian stereotype" if I mentioned two Russians who I feel are taking less money than they would make elsewhere for a chance to play for a good team in the NHL? Why did Radulov not learn "team" or "goal" or heck "hockey" before he learned the word "money"? You would think he would care about something else enough to learn it before money. Not saying I don't like what he contributes, it's just that he is what he is: a good offensive talent who would rather get more money than play for a chance to win. Jmo.

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