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07-10-2008, 11:11 PM
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For those saying that losing Radulov isn't a big deal, your wrong and kidding yourself. Radulov is already a top 6 forward at what, 22? He has the most offensive potential of anyone we have drafted, and he has been through 2 playoff runs as one of our best forwards. He doesn't just have 25 goal-scoring potential, he has 40 goal-scoring potential. He hasn't come close to peaking, and all signs point to him to continue emerging as a premier, or at the least, a dangerous top 6 winger.

With that said, this isn't over. The agreement the NHL/KHL signed today prohibits poaching, which is exactly what just happened. Also, this isn't the end for our team. We have 13 draft picks in the 2009 entry draft. We have massive assets in the prospect department. Our defensive and goalie prospects contain 2-3 top notch prospects. We also can still go out and grab a guy like Nagy and hope he bounces back.

This is the time for Poile to prove his worth. If Radulov stays, we have to do everything in our power to keep him OR to trade him at the end of his contract (next season). We can't afford to lose one of our young stars for free, especially with our inability to spend to the cap. If Radulov leaves, it is time to see what Poile can do to improve this team. We have the assets to acquire almost anyone in this league. We also still have the opportunity to pick up one of the few remaining top 6 wingers that are on the unrestricted market.

Lets see how this plays out.

One final thought: Don't be too quick to criticize Radulov. What he has done is low and thoughtless. By essentially hiding his intentions over the past two years, he may have set our franchise back a year(s) in terms of competition. However, this guy wears his heart on his sleeve. It isn't just money that is thrown at these guys, it is the guilt trip and pressure of an entire government.....not to mention the chance to go back home to family and friends. Lets hope for the best...honestly, something good has to happen around here, right? Two off-seasons of getting kicked in the nuts is almost too much to bear....And the money comments are silly. This is a kid who came to the QJMHL over playing in Russia so that he could get a chance to play in the NHL. There is more than just money that is swaying Radulov.

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