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07-11-2008, 07:02 AM
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Originally Posted by Leafsin51 View Post
It's true, you rarely hear Red Wings fans defending the team using the oh we've won a lot of cups. They can just say, oh we just won it, now what? But these Hab fans live in the past when they had amazing teams. When's the last time you won 1 of those 24 cups? '93? At least I can comfortably say my Leafs suck a** and won't be winning until 2051. I don't blindly swing away at ppl making cocky comments stating how superior we are and say oh the Habs suck, or Nucks suck or w/e. IMO, just judge your own team and if you don't like another team, that's fine. I don't dislike the Habs, Nucks, etc... I just dislike many Hab fans on these boards
This is ****ed up, i mean we are having a argument with Nucks fans, and there's a Leaf taking the opportunity to show everyone why we hate the Leafs so much, it'a like a comedy writen by Larry David, except it's even less funny.

BTW you should dislike the Habs, because their going to cost you a lot of ibuprofenes in the next few years, less than your own team tought.

Haha funny how usualy i'm quite gentle and trying to see the better side of everything... Leafs

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