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Originally Posted by Jay Thompson

Oh come on now. That is a big overstatement. Pitkanen has played in 50-some games. By Pitkanen's age, Berg had played in 164 NHL games.

Not saying Pitkanen is going to turn out like Berg, but Berg early on showed a lot of promise too.
The different is that in one year, Pitkanen has converted more of his potential into production than Berg ever had.

When did Berg ever QB a PP, let alone the best PP in the league?

I know prospect-itis is a rampent disease on these boards, but we are not talking about turning down Forsberg for Pitkanen. We are talking about Ryan Smyth. While every team in the league would love to add Smyth, he is not an irreplacable commodity or cornerstone player. I liken him to a Wendel Clark kind of guy. Somebody whose intangibles add more than his statistics, but not the kind you can build your team around. He is the mortar that holds your cornerstones together, not the stone itself.

Pitkanen is a cornerstone, or at least showing all the indication that a 20-year-old rookie can short of being a Mario- or Wayne- esque presence. Those don't come around very often. When you have one, you cling to it fot all you are worth.

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