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Originally Posted by mcphee View Post
There's a joke in there about my not having to feign ignorance but that's another story.

I was here when Rivet snapped after Dagenais caught him with a shot during practice. There was an extended thread dealing with the usual. Rivet should control himself, this is/was a result of feuding groups in the room, my own thoughts at the time were that who knows, maybe Dags wasn't one of his favorite guys, but fights happen like that. They happen less than they used to because there are more yes on you, but they happen.

Criticizing other players ? No recollection whatsoever. He did criticize the fans after some particularly churlish behaviour towrds Brisebois. Brisebois acknowledged how much he appreciated Rivet's support, but it was a minor thing.

Rivet was a vocal player and assumed leadership as his role increased. As happens often, his play in his final year didn't match the locker room role and he was at odds with the staff, and something had to give. The next wave had to assume more responsibility, SJ offered a good deal and here we are.

Rivet sitting in judgement of players ? Ya got me. Some didn't like him because his was the face in front of the microphone often but that's usually a result of others hiding while 1 or 2 stand up.
Thanks! I think that I balled the entire episode onto Rivet but still think Gorges is a much better D and I don't get what I call the "Rivet Cringe" while he's on the ice.

I've said this before but would like to say it again... "You sir are a gentleman" and I mean that sincerely.

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