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07-11-2008, 01:04 PM
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Originally Posted by Son of Steinbrenner View Post
Really? so a downgrade in talent and no salary cap room makes the team better then having Avery and Jagr? how so?

better in the long run? how long are we talking here...2 years 5 years? until the next rebuild after this one doesn't work?

What was wrong with the teams that made it past the first round the past two years? is that rock bottom where the team is forced to rebuild? no it's why all the drastic moves? in the past it seemed like you had no trust in sather now he's on the right track? i dont' get it..
SOS, Jagr CHOSE not to accept the terms that Sather laid out. If he WANTED to stay, we wouldn't be having this conversation. I really don't see any other choice for team management but to go in different direction once the linchpin of the team made his decision to leave.

We obviously disagree on the potential of the '07/'08 Rangers, so I'm not going waste my time trying to change your mind. It doesn't matter now and it never will.

Originally Posted by Son of Steinbrenner View Post
fair enough but you could give it a certainly can respond to his blog as if it's a post on this board. i mean you MUST disagree with what Rubenstein said so why not give it a shot? it's not like his retort to Fischler wasn't rooted in FACTS...but why let that stand in our way...I think we can assume that his "assumptions" are fairly accurate...
How can I disagree with questions about events that took place outside of the public's ear? I wouldn't know if Jagr "demanded" that Prucha be put on his PP unit or not and I certainly wouldn't be able to tell you if that would have changed the unit's productivity, so what answer can I give to these types of questions?

Originally Posted by Son of Steinbrenner View Post
Melrose you know i think highly of your opinion i just don't understand where you are coming from...i'm not trying to come off as a penis in anyway i just want convince me that this team is far nobody has come close....i want to be wrong in the worst way...
No one can do that. The team is a total wild card, but has, at very least, addressed some of the holes that have plagued them and held them back in the past. I think having (2) wingers with the potential to score is better than (1), and I think having wingers that might develop good chemistry with Drury and/or Gomez is important considering the insane investments that have been in them.

Even if I agreed that the team would have been better with Jagr on it, I still can't rationalize a multi-year deal for him. It's not only up to the GM to make compromises in this case. The GM is the only side that has a framework he must work within, so it's tough to really chastise him for making a sound business decision here.

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