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06-09-2004, 03:46 PM
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Originally Posted by Blueshirt13
What if Pittsburgh wanted the 24th, an early second, Balej, another young minor leaguer and Lundmark for the 2nd, would you take it? In a year like this, to get a top 10 pick, especially with Pittsburgh, you HAVE to give up a talented prospect (Balej) and more.
Not in a million years. Lets qualify exactly what you're suggesting-
We get: Malkin
They get: Balej(our best offensive prospect), a first(24th), a second(probably 36th or 37th), Lundmark, another minor leager(since you list them ahead of Lundmark and assuming you also include Europe it would most likely be Kondratiev, Prucha, Murray, Moore or the like).

So that's 5 pieces of quality for 1 excellent prospect. 5 very good chips that have the potential to be excellent for 1 excellent chip that has a small potential to not live up to the hype. And that is an absolute fact. No matter how much Pitt fans or other HF readers want to convince themselves otherwise, Malkin is still just a great prospect who could easily not materialize into a great player. There's nothing that anybody can say that would convince me that he CAN'T be the next Victor Kozlov or the like. It may be less likely but it's still too much of a risk.

And in the end, IMO, those 5 pieces have a much better chance of contributing to a team in a rebuilding stage than that 1 excellent prospect. I've seen Balej and I'm convinced he is the real deal. The rest is simply too much quality depth to sacrifice.

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