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07-11-2008, 04:25 PM
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Originally Posted by Helm1Crosby0 View Post
No, what I'm saying is that because they get paid, it's socially acceptable during the playoffs for players to hit other players that have injuries.
So then it would be socially acceptable for male players to selectively target female players, if only they were getting paid?

You do realize that me selectively the females is for the precise same reason that NHLers target those with injuries, dont you?

Those NHLers PERCEIVE the injured guys as being easier targets, and I perceive the female as being easier targets. SAME IDEOLOGY, same MINDSET.

Xcept I get bashed by you, but you give those guys a pass.

So I am 'wrong' and they are 'right'.. only because they get paid and I dont?

Or do you think it's ok to target injured males, but not females?

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