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07-11-2008, 05:09 PM
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Originally Posted by Centurion View Post
Last autumn, I helped in founding a new hockey club for my university campus in Edmonton. We actually only play intramural hockey in a division allowing slap shots, but no hits (basically 2nd tier intramurals).

I have been acting as head coach for a year, and helped guide our team to winning a provincial hockey tournament, which was far better than any of us had anticipated for our first year together!

Up until now, I've always served as more of an insipirational coach, a motivator. Now I'm looking to increase my knowledge of the game itself.

My question for you experienced players/coaches is:

Where (online preferably) could I find useful guides for coaching/practice drills and such? I'm trying to develop a team system for the upcomming year, a system that will mainly rely on our top forward lines for strong 2-way playing (our defense is our weakness). Last year, we had stellar goaltending but might be looking at a downgrade in that area next season.

In short, I need to adress the defensive shortcommings of our team.

Where can I start looking?

(I know this a pretty vague/wide request, but I'm looking for basic guides I can start reading/following)

Yes, I know that this is a shameless plug for my site. But you can check ti out here:

Or, if you don't want to become a member, you can write me here on this forum and I can help you out.

I designed Pass the Puck, Inc. to help coaches with their teams. As a hockey director, I would see coaches in my program, standing on the ice scratching their heads, wondering what drill to do next.

However, most coaches go to the rink, right from work and some times are unprepaired for practice. This is why I built this site. So you can just click on any drill and print it out. Plus, I have a 25 week planner already designed for you to use. Just click on the week and it prints about about an hour worth of drills in a planner format.

I say again, you don't have to be a member. You can find all of my posting here on this site or just send me a PM and I will get back with you.

Head coach

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