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07-12-2008, 12:36 PM
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Originally Posted by PukkuMikku View Post
I believe there is no risk in sending them down because we have the depth to replace them.

If you have the opportunity to land someone like Vermette, you don't pass on that opportunity because of 'what to do' with Rissmiller, Voros, Hollweg, and Orr.

There is a reason they will be nothing more then 4th line players and scratched often through out the season.

Vermette is a 25 year old top 6 quality forward, with puck skills beyond anyone currently on our roster, save Zherdev.

If a reasonable deal can be made, you make it, and then worry about what to do with fringe 4th line players later.
While you're correct about acquiring Vermette - that doesn't change the fact that these players will need to be dealt with and they cant be dealt with in the way you forementioned, or we'd lose them.

Sather didn't sign Rissmiller and Voros to get rid of them. They both might not be on the team next year, but one of them surely will be.

You previously stated that these four were depth players, and now you're stating we can get rid of these depth players because we have depth elsewhere, but where is that depth? Korpedo? Rotting on the fourth line for double the price than Hollweg and Orr? Moore? Moore is half as good as Betts is, and we have Betts, so there's no need for him. These prospects we have need to stay in the AHL and shouldn't be rushed because we need Vermette so badly that we need to get rid of two newcomers and Orr.

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