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07-12-2008, 01:17 PM
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Originally Posted by PukkuMikku View Post
Byers, Parenteau, and Moore.

Those are your cheap and capable replacements for Voros, Rissmiller, Hollweg and/or Orr. Again, 4th line players are NOT hard to replace. And common logic would suggest that not ALL of them would need to be replaced, only a couple of them.

Vermette, Fritsche, Korpikoski, & Anisimov are your UPGRADES over Prucha and Callahan.

FANTASY, is assuming that you can find that missing top 6 production from a 4th line quality guy like Callahan.


The other reality is Vermette is only guaranteed for one year, remember he went through arbitration. And the worst case scenario is that he gets dealt at the deadline. OR he is kept knowing that Cherepanov's future is uncertain at this point in time.
Byers, (who may or may not be ready) Parenteau (who has to go through waivers) and Moore (who hasn't shown anything) are going to replace your depth guys? it's a downgrade on a team that can't afford any downgrades..

Hollweg is gone no matter what so lets leave him out of this...

The Rangers just signed Rissmiller and Voros..they aren't going to waive them...that doesn't normally happen in the NHL...It's not reality...maybe in video game world it happens but not when you are dealing with real people...not when you are going to have to sign free agents in the future who might be wary of being waived because the team they signed with had no plans or direction...

Fritsche and Vermette would be upgrades over Prucha and Callahan (although you underrate callahan daily) but at what cost to the other what cost to the salary cap?

Ryan Callahan has shown the past two seasons (AND PLAYOFFS) that he is more then a 4th line talent...he's shown it from junior to the ahl to the nhl...what am i missing here?

Vermette is a good young aren't getting him for the putrid proposal you had...your just's not fair to ottawa...

Vermette is also not going to replace the 6 players you want to get rid of...the players you listed above (Byers, Paranteau, and Moore) are down on the depth chart for a reason. To bring them up and expect them to replace the grit and fighting abilty you would be losing on the 3rd and 4th lines is not feasable...maybe in nhl08 but not IN the nhl in 08....

also...what about injuries? do the rangers have depth now with these guys under contract to withstand any injuries? injuries happen...who do you replace injured guys with fans in the front row? the little kids that pick up the scraps of ice during the game?

Vermette is a good player and somebody that i wanted the rangers to get a few weeks ago but the salary cap and reality of the teams rosters has gotten in the way..

As you said your guaranteed one year with Vermette (no way the rangers have money to sign Vermette, Dubinksy, and Zherdev next offseason) why give up anything for him now? is he really going to put this team over the top? what's the point?

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