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07-12-2008, 01:59 PM
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Originally Posted by PukkuMikku View Post
First off.

Like i said, if Anisimov makes the club out of camp, that means the RANGERS feel he is ready.
it seems you like YOU expect that to be in October...
In that case, Drury is the ONLY candidate to move out of the center position. Regardless of how long ago he played wing, it is irrelevant.
I don't see it that way...I think Dubinksy could be the guy that ends up moving to wing...I also don't think Drury signed here to play winger..he signed here to play center...he dealt with the situation we had here last year but if the team is giving Drury a role this season it's not as 2nd line least i hope it isn't...

Second, because Drury is not on the ice as a center, does not mean he CAN'T take face offs. He can take a draw and when the opportunity presents itself, he can shift back to his proper lane. Such as when a defensman pinches and either the center (usually) or winger falls back in his place. Hockey has the luxury of being a free flowing sport where these things can happen. This is not baseball.
your discounting the weakness that's created on faceoffs the line that Drury isn't playing don't move your best faceoff man to wing...not when the center he probably would be playing with is also a good faceoff don't do it for an unproven kid who needs time to grow like anisimov...that's bad asset management...

Detroit's situation of having Zetterberg take many faceoffs, even though Datsyuk is the listed center on that line, was an example of a circumstance. It was NOT a suggestion that he Rangers have equal talent.
name another team then the stanely cup a team that you can actually compare talent with not a team that just carried the stanley cup around the ice..

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