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Originally Posted by Son of Steinbrenner View Post
he has produced at the NHL level...he's scored big goals at the NHL level...he's played important minutes at the NHL level (are you suggesting scoring goals is the only way to judge a player?)

what you want the rangers to do to aquire vermette isn't going to another team that blew up there roster (which is what the rangers did two weeks ago) to blow it up again two weeks later? not a team in EHM but an NHL team...

Vermette would be great but the salary cap and the rangers own depth issues make it impossible...

also wbat about the other points in my post? you choose this one thing to quote but nothing else? ok....
Rissmiller and Voros staying or going would not be "blowing up" a roster, as you put it. And making one trade, again, is not "blowing up" a roster.

Cap restrictions are an issue. Obviously.

Shaving salary where you can to attempt fitting better players into your roster is not a poor decision.

It goes back to the same issue: we have a ton of depth, and no legitimate top 6 wingers in that depth, to fill the need we have.

And on the subject of Callahan, no, he really has not produced at the NHL level. As a matter of fact, he couldn't handle the NHL in the first half of the season, and when he got his recall, he still showed limited offensive upside.

8 goals, 13 points in 52 games is not what i would consider production. There are players who have been on this club, in recent years (Sykora), that have produced far more then that, and got ran out of town.

There is a big difference between effort, and real ability. Callahan is 100% effort. He has limited offensive skill.

I have absolutely nothing against Callahan. Except, someone with limited offensive skill should not be in an offensive role. Just like someone with limited size should not be expected to power through defenders. Callahan is a great penalty killer, and a great energy guy. Those attributes work great on the 4th line, IMO. The top 3 lines should be reserved for guys who have the ability to put the put in the net on a somewhat consistent basis.

I am willing to wait and see what Callahan does, as he is young, but IMO he has not earned the right to play above the 3rd line, and I'm even leery on that one, because tehre are guys, like Fritsche, Korpikoski, and Dawes, who have more offensive skill then Callahan, that should fill out the third line.

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