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07-12-2008, 08:43 PM
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Originally Posted by deangamblin View Post
You realize it actually does nothing for you right? You may THINK it makes you feel ready, its a mental thing you believe it's doing something for you but in reality it actually doesn't.
I work out to build muscle and feel better. Are you saying working out does nothing for you or working out before a game does nothing for you? And show me some scientific evidence to back up your claims. TIA. I'm 35 years old, have been playing hockey for 15 years. I do what I do because it works for me. And I would never be so ignorant to tell people what I do will work for EVERYBODY, which is why I posted what I do. It's not a warm up, it's a workout before a game. I'm barely sweating, 2 reps max, do whatever I feel like, do not use body building training method. I actually base my routine on a book I bought that was written by a PHD who trains guys who train NHL players. So I guess this guy dean must have a similar background since he knows more. I also work during the day, a physical job, should I quit?

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