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07-13-2008, 04:14 PM
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Originally Posted by RCGP View Post
He was never supposed to be a scorer, he is supposed to be a 3rd line energy guy. McArdle never quits, I think he is a safe prospect.
Prospects who are projected to be 3rd liners in the NHL still usually continue a development curve in Juniors. Often they dominate in their 19-20 year old seasons.

McArdle was drafted after a great draft year. It turned out to be his best year offensively. Now prospects generally improve their Offensive production as age continues in Juniors (Often why a draft class for most teams looks good a 1-2 years afterwards, before they have gone pro). McArdle's offensive numbers took a massive noise dive. I don't care what you are projected to be, that is an incredibly worrying stat. Gregory Campbell had a better development curve to McArdle. If you don't improve in Juniors you tend to not make it. Stewart is a similar case, he never progressed in Juniors from his draft year.

McArdle played some games in ECHL. Very few successful NHL players do that. The excuse that he was sent down for playoff experience is weak to me. Either way, he did nothing of note in the ECHL playoffs. Ryan O'Marra has taken a very similar path to McArdle so far, and is projected to be a similar player . I doubt either become anything at this point.

Oh, and when McArdle was drafted, i assume the Panthers saw him as more than just a 3rd line player, otherwise they would not have traded up for him. His draft year production was excellent. It signalled better things to come.

McArdle is not a safe prospect. Just because his upside is limited, does not mean he becomes a safe prospect. There is a massive difference between playing in the ECHL and becoming a useful bottom line forward. At this point, he is anything but safe.

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