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06-10-2004, 12:27 AM
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Originally Posted by Nash13
... it doesn't do much for the integrity of the game.
:lol :lol
You just said "integrity of the game" man.

Actually, I agree with you re: play happening too fast to catch.
But, even off-ice officials are human, so not infallible.
And, as much as I may disagree with a ref's decision, I know for a fact that I couldn't do any better, so I accept that mistakes can be made.
I'm hooked on this game, warts and all.
Of course this doesn't stop me from yelling obscenities at my TV when a particularly stupid call/non call is made.
I keep it clean when attending games tho, kids you know.

As for coaches requesting a review of a possible goal...
Don't teams have some of their own guys watching monitors anyway?
I'm sure I've seen coaches run into the hallway leading from the bench to look at something on a monitor that their own off-ice guys have brought to their attention.
Some have even had monitors at the end of the bench.
And, many times a coach has asked a ref to 'go upstairs' and the ref goes to the phone and calls up.
However, I have also seen refs refuse to call up.
If a coach had the right to request a review of a possible goal, the ref couldn't refuse.
It's just a small change.
There'd be no flag to throw, or time-out to surrender.
Just a little courtesy that might add to the "integrity of the game".

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