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Originally Posted by Heske_44 View Post
That is false. He played until late December pretty well stapled with the Sedins in which at that time he had 34 points. He had about 21 points in about 37 games games playing majoirty of the time with hacks.

I also don't know where the fast notion is coming from...majority of the people I know that wanted him gone called him "the granny"

I like Naslund a lot and wish him the best in returning to form but since the Steve Moore incident (his not Berts) he's played a total perimeter game (not that he was overly aggressive). He succeeded when he had a big body drawing space and a puck rushing d-man (Jovo) to draw attention.

Furthermore your division isn't the southeast. Wish Naslund and Rangers all the best.
Nifty. So two months with decent players at almost a point a game pace and then a total fall off when he gets lined up with hacks. Doesn't that near perfectly agree with my statement "most Vancouver fans are saying now that he'll have some talent around him he can probably score 65-70 points"? On your second point, what's your explanation for Naslund scoring 36 goals in 1998-99? Was it Bert creating space for him in the 32 games he played in Van that season, or Jovo drawing attention in the 31 games he played? Seriously, what does Bert have, 3 or 4 seasons over 60 points to Naslund's 8?

I've watched the games, I realize Naslund's game has dipped. But he played in a defensive system last season, predominantly with bad players. On a team with a less defensive system and paired with a few decent forwards, Naslund likely hits 65-70 points last season with no problem.

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