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Originally Posted by Quiet Robert View Post
Ah, you're right, I had forgotten about that. He's going to be one hell of a player, but I can understand why Detroit made that move.

If anything, the fact that they were willing and able to trade a prospect like Matthias for questionable immediate help speaks to the confidence they have in their prospect depth and their ability to replenish their stock.

This thread has shown that too many people on HF lose focus of the ultimate goal. Take the LA Kings; they're probably the perfect HF team. Los Angeles has an amazing stable of prospects and has been drafting exceptionally well since 2000. Problem is they haven't progressed to rank of contender since then and instead have dumped some of those solid picks for more prospects. (Vishnovsky, Cammalleri etc...)

By contrast, the Wings pick shrewdly, aren't afraid to trade picks or prospects to make their team better. Essentially they use the picks and prospects to better the NHL team, not to build up a nice group of potential stars. That's what makes them so good. If they've drafted a solid player they know has no chance of making an impact in their immediate lineup, they aren't afraid to trade him to help fix a hole.

I get the feeling that this tactic scares a lot of people on HF who are used to thinking 5+ years down the line when player X "reaches his potential." Or this lineup is "going to be awesome in 3 years." The Wings want their lineup to be great right now, and Holland finds ways to do it.

They draft well but Holland is also very good with asset management and Detroit has such trust in their abilities to find and develop guys that Holland is blessed with dealing from a position of strength and has the luxury of moving prospects to improve his lineup without giving up roster players.

After Detroits two-in-a-row Cups of the 90's, in the three-peat year, the Red Wings made trades to acquire Chris Chelios, Ulf Samuellson, Wendel Clark and Bill Ranford at the deadline.

While they didn't win a third cup that Spring, it's great for the fanbase of the club when their reigning two time champions have no plans to rest on their laurels and go all out like that at the deadline. And even a big deadline spending spree like that did little to hurt their pipe line of young players.

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