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Originally Posted by Radek27 View Post

Do read that Vinny Leclavalier just got resigned for almost the same CHRIS DRURY makes right? LOL that just makes me LOL LOL LOL all over at the management that runs this team. People laughed thier ass off at TB management, and ours is thought of to be smart? Ya I get we got Chris as a UFA and Vinny just resigned with the team he won a cup with and drafted him. I got that. But the question of this thread is the Drury signing a bad one, I don't see how anyone can say it wasn't. Good player to sign, terrible contract to give.
yea hes making 10 million his first 6 years then hes going down to 1 million in his last year, its over a period of 11 years, so his cap hit is 7.5 million, yet hes really making more then that in his first 5-6 years. so in the next 4 years lecavalier will be making 40 million whereas drury will make 28, theres a difference there, and yes vinny gave the lightning a home-town discount and also he gave them a little help with cap relief by giving up money towards the end of his contract to make the average salary less(cap hit)

Lecavalier will earn $10-million per season in salary and bonuses for the first six seasons of the deal, before dropping to $8.5-million in 2016-2017, $4-million in 2017-2018, $1.5-million in 2018-2019 and $1-million and 2019-2020..

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