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07-14-2008, 05:57 AM
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Originally Posted by zurg999 View Post
Chip got the welt under his eye in my avatar pic jumping into a fight with a Marlie during a game in which Toronto was running at Grabs. The last thing I'd worry about is his physicality, he never backs down, and unlike Laps will actually drop 'em.
Did you see the game against the Amerks the year before last where he dropped Kaleta? That was a thing of beauty. It was like a little kid with a stick poking a bear saying "Am I annoying you? Am I annoying you? Am I annoying you? Am I annoying you?" and then the bear gets up and wallops the kid into the ground.

Originally Posted by fiascov View Post
Lapierre is currently way better than Chipchura.
I wouldn't say he is "way better" than Chipchura. Way more experienced (comparatively), perhaps. They each have strengths and weaknesses but as all around players, personally, I'd take Chipchura any day of the week over Lapierre. I think Lapierre has something to offer this team and he has his plus points, but I'd take Chipchura.

Originally Posted by fiascov View Post
People saying that Chipchura is better than Lapierre are basing their opinion on the fact that Chipchura is a 1st rounder and COULD be better a better player in the future.
Kyle certainly has things to work on at the NHL level and adapt to, but he tops Lapierre in several areas of the game, a lot of them relating to play with the puck. Kyle can protect the puck better in just about any situation. The one that Lappy has an edge at would be accelerating away from an opponent with the puck and protecting it, but even still, Kyle isn't bad at protecting the puck in that situation, just accelerating. Kyle has FAR better hands than Lapierre both in traffic and when one on one. Lapierre has the better slap/snap shot but I would say Kyle has the better wrister from the hash marks in. Kyle is not only the better passer, but is more inclined to read each play, get his head up and choose what he believes his best option is. Lapierre is more route one than that. He gets the puck, he rushes up the ice, he puts it on net and he doesn't often deviate from that as long as it is an option for him.

Kyle is also a better player positionally IMO, a better fighter, a better leader (would have been captain of the Dogs last year if he had started the season in Hamilton) and more reliable in the defensive zone. He doesn't go for the big hit often, but is capable of it.

I think the reason people rate Kyle over Maxim is because Kyle has displayed a wide range of skills effectively, throughout his development. In addition, he has skills which Maxim currently either lacks or needs further development on. That's not to say that Kyle is a complete player right now, clearly he isn't. But there are far better reasons for people considering Kyle the better player than the mere fact he was a first round pick. That just sounds like a kop out to me.

Originally Posted by fiascov View Post
Other than that, saying that Chipchura is better is pretty ridiculous...
It really isn't.

Originally Posted by fiascov View Post
...can you then explain to me why Gainey decided to send him down to Hamilton and kept Lapierre in the big club?
Gainey figured that Kyle having big minutes and a big role in Hamilton over a few minutes and a small role in Montreal would be beneficial to his development, perhaps? Lappy doesn't fill a big role in Montreal and likely never will. He can do what he does effectively in Montreal and it is what he will be doing for years to come. He also has a year of development over Chipchura. Kyle could be an important part of the teams future if he continues to develop well and the team has enough depth to ensure he doesn't need to be rushed into developing in the NHL.

Originally Posted by fiascov View Post
I hope that Chips will be the player we wanted him to be, but he still got a lot to prove!
In the NHL, yes he does, I'd agree with you on that one. But to say that Lapierre is "way better" than Chipchura as a hockey player right now is to ingore what Kyle has accomplished and proven in his time in the professional ranks.

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