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07-14-2008, 07:40 AM
These Snacks Are Odd
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Originally Posted by Dave is a Killer View Post
5) A Nashville Sounds owner that’s willing to give a bit, instead of just take, to get a new baseball stadium.
I will buy your baseball team for $5. Now let's talk stadium...

6) More restaurants in Bellevue, a bigger library, and something in that darn empty shell of a mall (Yes, I know that’s selfish, since it’s my neighborhood. But hey, it’s my list).
You want to put something in the mall? Two words: paintball arena. No, I'm serious. It's perfect for it and if the city sets it up, they could get a TON of tax revenue from surrounding counties to make up for the loss of the mall over the years.

8) Nordstrom
Isn't he like 35?

13) Wine in grocery stores.
Was is this, California?

14) The Stanley Cup, and enough Predator fans to see it happen.

21) A winning Vanderbilt football season that ends with a great bowl bid.

22) An end to term limits for Metro Council members.

23) More public bathrooms downtown. And free parking.
This is where you lose me. I'm not sure 21 will happen in my lifetime. I'm not sure what 22 would accomplish... and free parking? Are you kidding me?! Those city-run parking lots (they ARE run by the city, right?) bring in a TON of revenue for Metro that goes to stuff like education and road maintainence. By the time Vanderbilt is a major player in the SEC, this still won't have happened.

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