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07-14-2008, 11:49 AM
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Let's Play...Reshuffle the NHL!

I've been thinking about this for a while, and the combination of a dull Monday and the post below about league contraction made it seem like as good a time as any.

So, I believe that the league will never contract, because they don't want to lose the revenue. BUT, I do think it's realistic to believe that over time teams will be encouraged to move to better hockey markets.

The game is this: 1) Maintaining a 30 team, move teams to any markets as long as the East/West balance remains. The only teams you CANNOT move are Original Six teams. 2) recreate the divisions in the way you want to see them, and 3) create your ideal playoff seeding/format.

Since there are probably limited iterations to this, I'll take the first 15 original leagues from this thread and create 3 polls of 5 teams. We'll take the top 2 vote getters from each poll and have a run off. The resulting league will be the "Official New NHL of the Rangers HF Board" or something silly like that. Maybe we'll even do a poll for best new team name.

Please feel free to expand on why you moved a team and the how you chose the location. So, have at it, and I'm happy to amend the game if people wish.

So, Forechecker's new NHL:

Regular Season: Play your conference 6 times (60 games); play 5 teams from other two conferences twice (home and home; 20 games); final two games against "natural" or "traditional" opponents

Playoffs: Top 16 teams regardless of conference; Playoff format is 2-3-2 to minimize travel

  • Atlanta and Phoenix moved to markets that have strong AHL/Junior teams and could support a major leage team
  • Columbus and Florida moved to bigger or more natural hockey markets. Indy has only one pro team; Cleveland move for bigger market and potential TV draw
  • Islanders moved due to no stadium deal, and Seattle needs new winter team to replace Super Sonics
  • Hurricanes move is a bold and risky move for NHL, but is first pro team to take the leap to Vegas.
I tried to align conferences to lessen travel burdens and create some new rivalry groups (Chicag, Detroit, Indy, Cleveland/Portland, Seattle, Vancouver, Calgary).
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