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07-14-2008, 10:58 AM
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Originally Posted by +73 View Post
This coming from the guy who thinks Nigel Dawes should be a 1st-line LW.
I get awfully tired coming across post after post of you demanding explanations from other posters. Your "contributions" are nothing short of a bunch of reactionary b.s.

Welcome to my ignore list, Skippy.
I don't get it, why am I the one that always attracts the idiots?

"Hey, I'm gonna call you out and then add you to my ignore list so I don't have to read your response."

Seriously tough guy, I'm hurt. Really.

I also enjoyed the ridiculous PM that informed me I should "jump off a fricken bridge already" and I am "hands down the single-most annoying A-hole on this site."

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