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07-14-2008, 01:18 PM
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Originally Posted by TomLaidlaw View Post
Is anyone else concerned that we are commiting 10.5 mill in cap space next year to two players (Redden/Naslund) who we "hope" turn things around with a change of scenary? That is almost 19% of our Cap dedicated to two players who have been on a decline the past 2 years. That seems like a pretty big leap of faith to me.

I'm trying to be optimistic but I am also a tad worried. Specifically with Redden because of the term of his contract. In my mind when you give someone 6.5 mill a season for 6 years and a limited NTC there should be very little risk in what you are gonna get from that player. In other words if you viewed it as a formula.....As the salary increases the risk involved should decrease. The more you pay the player the more comfortable you should be on what your getting from said player. With Redden we are hoping we get the player from 2 years ago. Seems like if your gonna commit 6.5mill per for 6 years to a player we shouldn't have the level of unknown that is currently surrounding Redden.
i understand what you are saying, however looking at their situations, i think it is safe to say they will fit in better on the rangers.....also, this is sather's MO, he likes to give guys chances and sometimes they work out.......both of these guys still have the all depends on if sather and renney have done enough research on if they really fit the "new" style.......until we see it, which wont be perfect im sure until a few weeks at least into the season, none of us know

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