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Originally Posted by Ozymandias View Post
Typical... you are insinuating that Carbo was the reason why the team went off to a bad start, right... and it was all the player's doings when they finished first, right?

BTW, the Habs played the same style for most of the season, you just don't go and change your coaching philosophy in the middle of the season, especially concerning the transition in the middle-zone, you make adjustments.

So it's probably Carbo's fault if Lats couldn't do himself justice... it was in no way whatsoever related to how Lats was playing?
This is pure BS, Lats produced very respectable numbers given what was given to him. Because Carbo did not play him enough doesn't mean Latendresse did bad or Carbo is an idiot. Carbo probably felt that other players were better suited for top line duties, it's not a knock on Latendresse or whatever. You only defend your opinion with the way Carbo used him. If I use your logic I could go on and say Latendresse is godlike, because in a conservative system he got brought up as a 19 years old, who are you to defy Gainey?

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