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07-14-2008, 04:21 PM
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Originally Posted by Trxjw View Post
For starters, how about an average decline of 25 points over the last two seasons?
So your saying that you expected Jagr to have another 25 point drop this season?

As I've said before, putting the right players together on a line can result in more production than forcing players into situations where they clearly don't work together. Not to mention our abysmal power play was a significant reason for our poor production. We've done away with players that insist on passing before shooting and brought in players who will shoot.
So your saying that Straka Dubinsky Jagr didn't work last season? you realize that line outscored every other line right?

You also realize Jagr didn't play a full two minutes on the power play? Why don't guys like Drury and Gomez get any heat for the way the power play performed last season?

As for you last point....Micheal Rozsival says hi...You also realize the Rangers on MOST nights had more shots than the other team..

Which would have made it even more difficult to field a team with another 7+ mil contract on our roster. Jagr's 7 mil got you two scoring wingers. I'm fine with that.
or you could've just signed Jagr to a $7m contract but thats not even the point anymore...Jagr is gone...

Obviously we disagree as I have an optimistic view of this roster and you clearly do not. Where I see promise, youth and a new direction, you see under achieving players and poor production. Not much sense in continuing this if that's the case.
I see a team that is up against the cap and still has MAJOR holes to fill. I see a team that is in cap trouble next year with veterans with impossible (and in naslunds case REALLY IMPOSSIBLE) contracts to move...We arent a contender yet we are up against the cap...HUH!!

While significantly improving the defense as well. We've also made room for our top two centers to stop playing second fiddle to Jagr and his antics. I think Sather and Renney did a fine job this summer (so far) in improving the roster with what was available. Clearly they targeted players like Hossa and Orpik and missed out on them, but they still brought in solid pieces to at least complete the puzzle. Is this years team a cup contender? Too early to say, but last year's team was clearly not a contender either. I understand you're not happy with the team, but you can't expect me to trust your opinion of "We're going to fail." (paraphrased) when we haven't even seen a single game and we don't even know what the final roster will look like.
I don't know how you define significantly...Do you really think Redden is that much of an upgrade over Tyutin? Do you really think that Kalinin is any better then Malik or Backman?

Sather and Renney did a piss poor job of not having a backup plan. Even they admited Zherdev "fell into there laps" so lets not go overboard praising a move they didn't even pursue.

Last years team was a contender..they made the playoffs and with a few calls big saves and lucky breaks who knows maybe they beat pittsburgh...ALSO...and this is really important...Two years of 2nd round playoff births is NOT rock bottom..It's not something you tear's something you try to build on...

We have some idea what the opening night roster is going to look like and it is filled with more holes then swiss cheese...the worst part about this is in 3 months after a the rangers lose 2 or 3 in a row this board will be ready to jump off a cliff....want proof? read through the threads in oct-jan the past TWO SEASONS...this optomisitic view is admirable but it's rooted in false hope...IMO

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