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07-14-2008, 05:00 PM
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Originally Posted by Hackett View Post
perhaps they had their sights set on someone else in either free agency or trade but it broke down at the last minute. Sundin is really the only centre option left and I dont see how florida is remotely comfortable with their top end centre situation unless they are okay with using horton as a center (a mistake IMO)
If Sundin refused 20M/2years deal from Vancouver, I doubt Florida has any chances of landing him.
Awright, maybe he didn't refuse it but at his age, an offer of 10M per season would be as good as it gets financially.

Seeing as Florida sucks hard ballz at the moment, and money is the only thing they can offer him, I doubt they have a shot at landing him.

Sundin said he wanted to be part of a contender if he were to come back, he also said he wants to stay in the East. Seeing as he didn't jump on the VAN offer, I tend to believe him.

The top contender team in the East with enough cap space is us. One can argue Ott might be a contender as well, but they miserably failed to prove that with the way they ended their season.

Unless, Buf-Car-TB-Flo-NYI are also considered contenders, we have the best chances to sign him. Thats IF, he really meant that he wants to be part of a contender in the East.

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