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07-15-2008, 09:22 AM
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Originally Posted by Happy London Ranger View Post
Ola - I beg to differ on this subject.....there are far more than 20 oligarchs to begin with.

You know why the prices for modern art are going skywards despite looming recession? you guessed it. The russian billionaires have taken a liking to art.

They happen to love hockey. The WC title for the Russians this year is no
accident! There is lot of pride in this. Russia also attracts a lot of soccer players to their

Good czech players have been going to play in Russia for the past 10 years or so.
Clearly they were not making the money they could in the NHL but that option was closed to them. This is a work in progress

The NHL was not built from one day to another either. it took decades. Provided that
the industrial groups in remote towns continue to do well (and I have no doubt they will) then hockey will benefit. You can't have formula 1 in Ufa in October, but hockey works.....hoops will be next!

Hey, I just wanted to add my opinion as to why I think you may be off base here a little bit...
What we are watching take place here is a Hockey Cold War, not much diffrent than the Cold War between the USA and USSR yrs back (except without a billion lives on the line).
What I'm trying to say though is this, the reason why the Russians lost the Cold War was because even with their huge army, and every resource in the country devoted to the government, they forgot about their people. This is exactly whats going to happen with the KHL. They will throw their oil money at nhl players, rope a few in, drive up team salaries and fill 6000 seat arenas...and that will be fine for a time, to lose money to win the war with the nhl, but eventually these saavy business tycoons will want something in return, and business men like money, money that they wont be able to bleed from hard working russians in siberia and other remote regions.
I agree with you, Its a complete power play, but much like the Rangers power play of last season, i'm afraid its going to be a whole lotta show, with very little go.

Lets also be honest here, how many canadian and american kids, that only speak english and are so egocentric when it comes to north american life are gonna go to russia for any reason other than-
1)no nhl team really wants them
2) a last hurrah to make a few bucks

i think very few, but only time will tell who's right and who's wrong

I know Russia has many beautiful cities...and women!!! and is certainly a great place, but to a fault, we north americans are very averse to change

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