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07-15-2008, 11:07 AM
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Originally Posted by PukkuMikku View Post
What you have described here is a 4th line player.

IMO, Callahan is best served as a 4th line winger.

Fritsche, Korpikoski, and Dawes all have more offensive talent and should get their chances on the third line.

Callahan should be on the 4th with Betts and one of Sjostrom(preferably due to his speed and skill), Orr, Voros, Rissmiller.

Callahan - Betts - Sjostrom would be a very good 4th line with speed, grit, skill, and 3 good penalty killers.
no what i described is a 3rd line player. Dawes has to be on the top two lines. Cally needs to get a full healthy season. He was a completely different player once he was healthy again this year. And was the best player on his line during the PO's. that includes drury who had 2 more pts than Cally but didn't play anywhere near the level of Cally.

how do you know what type of offensive talent Korps might have. he has played one game, and cally completely outscored korps in the AHL. so lets just see what he can actually do using a larger sample than 1 game.

Fritsche I have no clue about, but if you just go on stats they are about the same. Last year Fritsche has 22 pts in 69 games. And remember this is his third season in the NHL. Cally would have 19 pts in 66 games if you combine the two years, which included a bad stretch after he was rushed back from injury. Cally was a rookie and doing that.

In fact after he came back up from the AHL he had 12 pts in 28 games. which is just slightly below half pt per game. So that would be about a 38 pt season, which is 3rd line material.

i don't understand y you hate Cally so much.

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