Thread: Luring Sundin?
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07-15-2008, 02:31 PM
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Just because a player has a 1-way contract doesn't mean he can't be sent down. The team just has to pay him that NHL salary no matter where he plays.

Sundin is very likely to take off after this season, so you absolutely cannot give him a multi-year deal for the reasons Melrose stated. If he can't even decide to this point if he wants to play, you can't bank on him playing next year.

Vancouver gave Sundin that 2 year offer because it won't kill them to have a $10m cap hit that they don't actually have to pay out. Basically, if Sundin retires the Canucks are $10m closer to reaching the cap floor (which may be around $45m next year) and that is $10m ownership doesn't have to throw around. I should say that I have no knowledge of the Canucks' roster values or if they have trouble reaching the floor or not or if they can afford the cap ceiling even. But that is the only way I can find justification for that absurd offer.

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