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My rationale: Move teams that have the lowest attendance. Attendance for those teams is atrocious. As has been said in other threads, the NHL is a gate-driven sport. New market, new TV deals, etc. would make economic sense.

Isles to Vegas
Phoenix to Seattle
Columbus to Winnipeg (also solves the problem of Columbus being the only western team in the eastern timezone, after Detroit.)
Nashville to Kansas City

So Here's what I would do. First, as some of you have already done... bring back the hockey history and rename conferences/divisions.

Prince of Wales

Patrick Division (formerly Atlantic)
  • Rangers
  • Devils
  • Flyers
  • Penguins
  • Bruins

Adams Division (formerly Northeast)
  • Canadiens
  • Senators
  • Sabres
  • Leafs
  • Red Wings (They should be in the east, considering their proximity to the other teams)

Vezina Division (formerly Southeast)
  • Capitals
  • Hurricanes
  • Panthers
  • Thrashers
  • Lightning

Campbell Conference

Norris Division (formerly Central)
  • Stars
  • Wild
  • Blackhawks
  • Blues
  • Kansas City (Scouts for the history, if allowed by the Devils. If not, the Railroaders, for the city's history. First rail bridge brought it's population boom, forcing city to rename itself Kansas City. Thanks Wikipedia!)

Smythe Division (formerly Pacific)
  • Sharks
  • Ducks
  • Avalanche
  • Kings
  • Las Vegas Aces (name from the gambling aspect of the city, sets up instant media rivalry -- Aces & Kings... etc...)

Richard, Blake, Plante or something else Division (formerly Northwest)
  • Flames
  • Oilers
  • Canucks
  • Seattle Emeralds (name from the city nickname. Could also call them the "Java" for the coffee -- imagine **** brown jerseys!)
  • Winnipeg (Jets for the history)

What I've tried to do is group the teams geographically together, to cut down on travel costs/time, etc. That's why I moved the Avalanche to the Pacific, and the Stars to the Central.
In the East, I created sort of diagonal groupings geographically... Detroit in with Leafs, Sabres, etc...

Other teams on the bubble for a move:
Panthers, Thrashers

I'd move Panthers to Quebec, call them the Nordiques again.
Move Thrashers to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan's biggest city. (Not really serious on this one, but it would finally give each province a team. Not sure if it wants one, though. If not, move it to Hamilton, since there seems to be continued fervor for it there.)


I'd leave playoffs as they are. I'm toying with the idea of dropping it from 8 teams from each conference to just 6 teams from each conference. From a fan standpoint, it would make for better competition, and cheaper for the season ticket holders with less playoff games. But from a team perspective, it's a loss of revenue. So 8 it shall remain, and the debate over more than 50% of the league making the playoffs continues.

(One flaw I spotted, however... Not getting to put the Bruins in the Adams divison... since Adams was named after their founder.)

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