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06-10-2004, 03:37 PM
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Originally Posted by Darz
I wish your average hockey fan would spend some time and read up on this 'territorial right' crap, before they made these comments. The so called rule was in place for two years in the 30's, because the NHL was worried that the Canadiens franchise was going to fold. Guys like Jean Beliveau were not automatically property on the habs, in fact the Canadiens had to buy an entire league and give Gros Bill a huge signing bonus to get him on the habs. Any of the other teams could have signed him. The habs before the entry draft was put in place had a great farm system, and it had alot to do with their success, but it was a system any other team could of had in place as well. The habs spent more money on developing players than any other team and it paid off.

Good management NOT territorial rights is what made the habs a powerhouse for so long.
It's a conspiracy against the Montreal Canadiens: the draft system, the end of 2 minute penaltys on goals, the Richard suspension, Richard not getting all his assists on enemy ice etc.

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