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Originally Posted by eyeball11 View Post
Yes, Simon was a dirtier heavyweight, though if you've noticed, he isn't in the NHL.

No one is saying George is a wimp. If you can read, you'll see I've already said he's a great fighter, probably the best in the league. I love the guy, as a fighter. As a deterrent, sorry but I'm less than overwhelmed.

Laraques can go see Downie all he wants. Unfortunately, he virtually never DOES anything to a guy like Downie because he is too good of a guy. Strange thing to say but he is. You want a heavy deterrent? Try Link Gaetz. THAT is a big guy you would have to worry about because he was virtually crazy. They didn't call him "The Missing Link" for nothing.

Sorry but your vision of intimidation only works in playgrounds and amongst people who aren't at a high level. Tough players at an NHL level don't cower because a big player says "look out". Tough players at that level know their job and get it done.

Darcy Tucker weighs about 160 lbs soaking wet, yet I've watched him take runs at and knock Chara (who is way bigger) on his butt. If being a big tough guy is such a phenomenal deterrent, why would a guy like Tucker show no quarter to him?

You should probably learn what quotations mean around a word.
I think you can replace all your posts by ''blablabla''.
This isn't a debate about Boxers or which ever fighter. Im not degrading the sport of fighting. I said most fighters are dumb. That's from my personal experience. Maybe you have another vision and thats great for you. I don't need your crappy lecture about it, keep it to yourself.

If you have followed hockey for 3decades, then you should know that pests have always existed. That being said, how many times did Tucker ''put Chara on his butt'' as you like to say???..How many times was Tucker nailed by Chara??..What does this prove exactly?..
Hell, we can even say Begin got under Chara's skin during a few games. Again..what is this suppose to prove??..
Who here ever denied the pests would continue doing what they do best when Laraque will be on our lineup?..

I really don't understand what you are trying to say..

Laraque is brings protection. Does this mean nothing will ever happen because he's in our line up?? it doesnt. Some players will keep being pests with Laraque there, no doubt about it. Just like Some players will have more restraints. It goes both ways buddy.

Most importantly, what will Laraque's presence be for our team??..
A guy like Lapierre/Kosto/Begin will feel a lot more comfortable talking crap with Laraque by his side.
Latendresse will have less pressure to fight. Komi and O'Byrne will also have less pressure.

Same can be said for our stars, they will feel a lot more secure, knowing that Laraque will be here to answer to anybody. If a Downie gives a dirty check to Kovalev, you can be sure Laraque will punish him after. If you think otherwise, stick to Boxing cause you don't have a clue.
A pest will never willingly drop the gloves vs Laraque. That doesn't mean Laraque won't drop his if the guy deserves a beating. Incidents like those are rare, that's probably why you think Laraque wouldn't do it, but it has happened before.

People here are mainly excited about Laraque coming here, us having the best HW in the NHL. I don't get why you have to come poop here and say ''well blablabla"...
Get real, Laraque's the best HW, we have him, if you think he's not very useful because he doesn't intimidate anybody then I really wonder why any teams have such players.
After 30years, you still dont get it.

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