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07-15-2008, 05:49 PM
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Originally Posted by MS View Post
Exactly. Basically Delorme has two jobs :

1) Identify quality talent from the WHL.

2) Oversee the compilation of a balanced draft list reflecting the best talent from all over the world.

He's failed miserably at both. Ghastly record drafting out of Western Canada, and compounds the problem by over-rating his own opinion at the expense of better prospects from other areas.

Seriously, you could have let the Edmonton or Calgary scouts make those 28 picks for us and try to sabotage us, and they would have hit on 1 or 2 NHL players by accident. It's mind-boggling how terrible his record is.

And for the record, Phoenix was the worst drafting team in the stretch given, and that stretch culminated in the firing of virtually their entire scouting staff, so that isn't much of an argument in Delorme's favour.

Also..... it's very typical of a Canuck apologist to justify the horrific management of an aspect of the team by saying: "Well it's not like we are the worst in the league." My sweet, sweet god.

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