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Originally Posted by eyeball11 View Post
I'm thinking the whole point flies clear over your head. If people want to think Laraque is going to greatly reduce the actions of pests (as evidenced by the vicarious chest thumping by some), they will be greatly disappointed. Earlier this year, Hartnell delivered 3 separate blatant head shots (cross checks and elbows) to Crosby. Laraque did nothing to prevent him from going after him again later. You know who delivered the message? Gonchar. Sergei bloody Gonchar. Seriously.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Laraque is the best fighter and a great guy. Count on him to be a major deterrent and prepare to be disappointed.
Was the message delivered? then what's the problem?

Regardless who it is, whether its Laraque-Simon-Boulton..Tyson on really doesn't matter. They have a job and role just like Hartnell/Avery/Ruutu and such have as well.

It's also very very easy to point out ONE situation where Laraque didn't respond. As a matter of fact, was he even dressed for that game??..
Laraque will never prevent the pests to be pests, that's their role. Just like nobody will prevent Goons from being goons. Hell, even Begin got under Chara's skin during a game and we didn't have a HW to protect him.
But Point is, a lot of other players will be a lot more hesitant in their nastiness.
Hartnell got his butt whooped many times, even Komisarek beat him down once, that never stopped him from playing the way he did. It will never end, even if they changed the instigator rule.
That doesn't mean having a guy like Laraque doesn't help a team or prevent certain players from playing a certain way.

Laraque himself said, on giving nights where he played vs teams like the Habs, that had no HWs, the guys knew they could pretty much do wtv they wanted, nobody was going to do anything about it. That's an actual quote btw from him, in response to a question asked on whether he felt an enforcer was still valuable in this league.
After reading your posts, one could assume you don't feel Enforcers dont hold much importance in this league anymore.
According to others, such as myself and Laraque..and BOB GAINEY, we obviously feel he can still restrain some players from acting a certain way on the ice.

Originally Posted by eyeball11 View Post
I play 20 minutes while George sits on the bench for 53. Oh for the hills! I've never seen any star player take more head shots than Sidney Crosby yet George is on his can that possibly be?

Remove the instigator and you guys might have a point. With it in, who cares?
Who plays 20min as a pest exactly??..and to be exact, Laraque average 8min10sec a game.
Downie averaged around 9min, Hartnell 16.

Nobody ever said Laraque will COMPLETELY prevent any checks or dirty plays.
It does help to prevent SOME dirty actions though.

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